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♥ Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN) ♥
♥ Advanced Sports and Exercise Nutritional Advisor ♥
♥ CanFit Pro Personal Trainer certified
♥ CanFit Pro Active Aging certified ♥

GabBeFit flexHey guys, welcome to my site! My name is Gabby, also known as GabBeFit. I am really excited that you came to my about me section so that I can tell you a little bit more about myself, and get you excited on starting your journey to health!

I am going to start this way back when…

When I was younger, my dad forced my sister and I to do martial arts (Yes forced… ZERO interest at first, but luckily for me that changed!! haha). This is what started it all for me! My original passion for exercise was tae-kwon-do… followed by Muay-Thai kickboxing. Thanks to my dad fitness was a part of my life at an early age! If I wanted to come home for lunch during school he would make me do puch ups and sit ups in the living room before eating! haha

GabBeFit yogaWe moved around a lot while I was growing up which I always had a hard time adjusting to. Grade 9 was the hardest and this is when I started to go down a slippery slope with an eating disorder. For a girl who is known for LOVING food… this was a weird time for me. I lost myself, was very sad and alone.

Being as obsessed as I was with being SKINNY, I ended up buying turbo jam and P90X from beachbody to kick it up a notch! Thank goodness for that because I found my love for exercise again. I remembered what it felt like to be alive… and I started being much more conscious with food, and learning how to fuel my body properly.

GabBeFit and momI then went to school for Fitness and Health promotion because I wanted to help everyone know how amazing exercise is for the soul.  During this time my mom became very sick with cancer and it completely changed my family’s life. I ended up enrolling in school for Holistic Nutrition because I wanted to be able to help people become their healthiest… I wanted to help my mom. She passed away before I finished school, but I know she’s smiling down as I share my passion for health and continue to help as many people as I can.

During the time I was in school for Nutrition I was working in a Martial Arts gym teaching kickboxing. I met an amazing group of like-minded friends and began running. Taking part in multiple runs, obstacle course races and trail runs and I LOVED the challenge!!

GabBeFit Muay Thai Class  GabBeFit running

I met so many like minded individuals during this stage of my journey and this led me to the biggest challenge I have ever put myself though…
A bikini competition!
I coached myself through two competition preps over 2 years, and placing within the top 5 was a really great self victory for myself. I really put my knowledge to the test with those shows, and proved to myself that I could do it.

Now I am on a journey to live my life to the healthiest and best as I can! I love all my clients, and each one has a different goal…whether it be the stage, losing weight, immune system issues, digestive issues and more… I love the challenge of helping everyone find their healthiest best selves.

I would LOVE to work with you, and help you on your journey!

Are you ready to


My Transformation

GabBeFit transformation

Here is my transformation during 28 weeks of contest prep, which lead me to the stage. All self coached!!!