Are you ready to reach all of your goals? I’m here to help!

Whether you need the extra push, need help because this is a new journey, or don’t like working out around other people, I can help you!

Personal Training

Sessions are:

  • 60 minutes
  • Tailored to your goals/fitness level

Where would we train:

  • In my condo gym (Don Mills and Sheppard)
  • In your home or backyard*
    • I will bring the equipment to you
  • In your condo gym*

* Option may not be available based on where you are located and may be subjected to an additional surcharge. Please contact me to discuss, thanks.

GabBeFit weights


All prices are tax included.

  • All options come with the Nutritional Analysis to help find any underlying problems in your health
    • Option 1 – Once per week for 4 weeks: $316.40
    • Option 2 – Twice per week for 4 weeks: $587.60
    • Option 3 – Three times a week for 4 weeks: $813.60
    • Option 4 – Four-Five times a week for 4 weeks: between $904 – $1,130

Payment plans upon discussion.

Partner any option with a Full Custom Meal Plan for a special deal. Contact me for more details!

Previous Client Results

Callie B

Jan D


  • Always bloated?
  • Low energy?
  • Hair falling out?
  • Can’t lose weight?
  • Can’t gain weight?
  • Muscle cramps?
  • Digestive issues?
  • Allergies?
  • Other health issues bringing you down?

If you are suffering from any of the above, let me help you!
I will turn your health around and make improvements so that you feel like your optimal self!

GabBeFit nutritional food meal plan

Nutritional Analysis

This is all done online! No printing necessary!

By filling out my extensive forms, I will be able to help figure out what underlying health issues you may have. From there I will give you;

  • An outline as to what I have found is wrong, and what steps to take next.
  • A guideline to follow to start making the proper changes towards a healthier you.
  • A sample meal plan you can implement into your routine to feel your best.
  • A breakdown of what supplements you should be taking.
  • A session to pick my brain (texting or phone call)

Full Meal Plan

Take the guess work out of eating with a full CUSTOMIZED TO YOU meal plan.
This is NOT a cookie cutter plan!

This includes:

  • The Nutritional Analysis; To find out any underlying issues to address through food and supplementation in your custom plan.
  • A full step-by-step meal plan to follow. It will include the exact amounts of foods to eat and meal timing.
    • Multiple options so you don’t get bored.
  • A supplement regime
  • Check ins (either weekly or BI-weekly depending on what we set up)
    • Text / email me with any concerns you have. I am your cheerleader! Any success you have let me know so I can celebrate with you! Times of weakness, tell me so I can help you.
  • The plan changes every 4 weeks OR as needed.

I will not include foods you hate. If you can’t stand tuna, you won’t be eating tuna. You hate vegetables? …Sorry you’ll be eating vegetables haha. But it is all customized to your preferences. I love finding creative ways to keep your favorite foods in your plan!


All prices are tax included.

Nutritional Analysis

  • One time payment of $84.75

Full Meal Plan

  • 8 weeks: $271.20
  • 12 weeks: $372.90
  • 16 weeks: $406.80

Payment plans upon discussion.

Previous Client Results

Simple F

Alicia F


Are you ready to commit to looking your best for your big day?

Having a structured plan to follow and the motivation/support to achieve your goals will help you get ready for that dress.


What’s included

Meal Plan:

  • Starting with a Nutritional analysis (a very detailed set of forms). This is going to help me to see any underlying issues and really get to know you. No cookie cutter plans, everything is custom!
  • A full custom plan with a breakdown of everything you should be eating. I make sure to include foods you enjoy and not to add foods you won’t eat.
  • A supplement protocol
  • 100% support and guidance. I am here to help you, answer questions and be your cheerleader along the way.

Personal Training:

Option 1 – Online

  • Your workout plan will be designed to help you look the best in the areas you want for your dress (back, arms, butt, waist, etc.)
  • A full break down of what exercises to be doing, whether it’s at the gym or at home.
  • A cardio schedule.
  • Either pictures or videos to help explain the movement

Option 2 – In Person

  • Your workout plan will be designed to help you look the best in the areas you want for your dress (back, arms, butt, waist…)
  • I will come to your location (home, gym, etc. around the Greater Toronto Area)* or you can come to my gym. I will supply all the equipment if we are doing in home sessions.
  • Things to expect: weights, plyometrics, bands, kickboxing, HIIT, cardio, and kettle bell.
  • A cardio schedule
  • 3 sessions per week
  • Doing in person sessions will give you that extra push to succeed for your wedding day.

* Coming to your location is subject to distance, day of the week, and time. An additional surcharge may apply. Please contact me to discuss. 


All prices are tax included.

Option 1 – Online

  • 1 month: $197.75
  • 2 months: $372.90
  • 3 months: $565
  • 4 months: $757.10
  • 5 months: $943.55
  • 6 months: $1,130

Option 2 – In Person

  • Each month is $858.80
    • If you would like less or more sessions per week I can make a custom plan for you!

Payment plans upon discussion.

All plans come with a free t-shirt to help motivate you towards sweating for the wedding!

Contact me to discuss anything in more detail.

Previous Client Testimonials


Chelsea D“I was struggling to maintain a healthy meal plan while trying to balance all of the other things that go into planning a wedding but that all changed when I decided to seek assistance from Gabby!  She helped me with my nutrition and meal plans for the months leading up to my wedding and that was one less thing that I had to worry about as a busy bride.  She was constantly checking in on me and making sure that my meal plan was fitting into my busy schedule. I am a flight attendant and I don’t have the easiest schedule to work with but she still sat down and took the time to find out what would work best for me and my lifestyle.   When I was stressed out or not feeling well she helped me to figure out what supplements and vitamins would help me with my needs.  With her assistance I was able to stay on track and meet all of my goals to start out my marriage (and honeymoon) as fit and healthy as possible.  I can not thank her enough for all of her help during this exciting time in my life!”
-Chelsea D


Kat K“Gabby makes you work hard and personalizes her programs to meet your individual needs. Gabby gave me advice on how to eat better and included a lifestyle evaluation as a part of the bootcamp. I felt better and saw amazing improvements in my health and fitness level. Gabby was amazing as pushing me to do my best and did a great job monitoring my improvement throughout. I started bootcamp to tone up for a friends wedding. Halfway through bootcamp, I went for my second bridesmaids fitting and had to have the dress taken in.”
-Kat K

GabBeFit bikini competitorDo you have the goal to take the stage, strut your stuff and show off all your weeks of hard work?
I am a former bikini competitor with experienced knowledge to coach you through a competition prep!

Here’s how I will be able to coach you towards achieving success:

  • Take the guess work out of your diet and workout plan. All you need to do is follow my step by step plan.
  • You are going to be working really hard and don’t need the added work of designing your meal plan and workout plan.
  • With my experience, I can keep track and make the proper adjustments to give you optimal results.
  • You are going to be your worst critic. Having an outside perspective (your coach…me) monitor you will help you to not second guess yourself.
  • I will keep you accountable.

What’s included:

  • A nutritional analysis
  • A meal plan that is step by step telling you everything you need to be eating, and drinking.
  • Weekly check ins.
  • Plan adjustments as needed.
  • A full workout plan (unless you want to do your own workout plans BUT I will still plan out your cardio).
  • Peak week plan
  • Reverse diet plan


All prices are tax included.

  • 12 weeks: $904
  • 16 weeks: $1,073.50
  • 20 weeks: $1,186.50

Payment plans upon discussion.

Previous Client Testimonial

“Gabby helped me get stage ready and gave me nutritional guidance throughout my whole prep. She customized my meal plan based on the foods I enjoyed and helped me every step of the way. Her program is not cookie cutter at all and she taught me a lot about carb-cycling and competition prep. I would definitely recommend her for meal plans, whether on or off season!”
-Jordan V

 GabBeFit Jordan fitness bikini competitor