GabBeFit bikini competitorDo you have the goal to take the stage, strut your stuff and show off all your weeks of hard work?
I am a former bikini competitor with experienced knowledge to coach you through a competition prep!

Here’s how I will be able to coach you towards achieving success:

  • Take the guess work out of your diet and workout plan. All you need to do is follow my step by step plan.
  • You are going to be working really hard and don’t need the added work of designing your meal plan and workout plan.
  • With my experience, I can keep track and make the proper adjustments to give you optimal results.
  • You are going to be your worst critic. Having an outside perspective (your coach…me) monitor you will help you to not second guess yourself.
  • I will keep you accountable.

What’s included:

  • A nutritional analysis
  • A meal plan that is step by step telling you everything you need to be eating, and drinking.
  • Weekly check ins.
  • Plan adjustments as needed.
  • A full workout plan (unless you want to do your own workout plans BUT I will still plan out your cardio).
  • Peak week plan
  • Reverse diet plan


All prices are tax included.

  • 12 weeks: $904
  • 16 weeks: $1,073.50
  • 20 weeks: $1,186.50

Payment plans upon discussion.

Previous Client Testimonial

“Gabby helped me get stage ready and gave me nutritional guidance throughout my whole prep. She customized my meal plan based on the foods I enjoyed and helped me every step of the way. Her program is not cookie cutter at all and she taught me a lot about carb-cycling and competition prep. I would definitely recommend her for meal plans, whether on or off season!”
-Jordan V

 GabBeFit Jordan fitness bikini competitor