Jan D


“Gabby’s clean eating and exercise program was exactly what I needed for my lifestyle change.
She is fantastic!
The instructions were simple, supportive, motivating, and easy to follow. I feel amazing and I’m not going to stop.
This is my life now!”
-Jan D
*One Month Results:
6.2 lbs in weight loss.
6 inches off waist.
5 inches off hips.



“Dear Gabby,
I would like to take this opportunity to Thank You for all your help and advice in how to deal with the pain and inflammation caused by non-alcoholic pancreatitis. I have been seen by 4 Doctors – 2 of them specialists, and not one Doctor helped me with advice on how to ease the chronic pain bought about by eating nor how to heal myself without use of strong medications. Your advice on diet, natural ways to heal my gastro-enteric system via drinking chlorophyll water, ingesting lemon juice and apple cider vinegar and avoiding rich foods and balancing out my diet with small meals throughout the day truly helped me towards returning to optimum health!
I have not had to take any prescription medicine nor have I continued to suffer from pain or hunger thanks to the assessment you gave me regarding what foods to avoid and what foods to make sure I incorporated into my diet. I will continue on this path to maintain good health and to have the energy to exercise, heal and move forward with a positive, not fearful, attitude. I was living in fear of pain from eating even a simple meal, but you have educated me on how food breaks down in my body even though I thought I already knew what was and was not good for me.
Ms. Stocks is truly a committed and caring Professional. I have a background in health promotion and I realized how little I knew about proper nutrition after seeking advice from Gabby and following her wonderful Website – GabbeFit!
Once again, a big THANK YOU!”
-Reshmi M


Chelsea D

“I was struggling to maintain a healthy meal plan while trying to balance all of the other things that go into planning a wedding but that all changed when I decided to seek assistance from Gabby!  She helped me with my nutrition and meal plans for the months leading up to my wedding and that was one less thing that I had to worry about as a busy bride.  She was constantly checking in on me and making sure that my meal plan was fitting into my busy schedule. I am a flight attendant and I don’t have the easiest schedule to work with but she still sat down and took the time to find out what would work best for me and my lifestyle.   When I was stressed out or not feeling well she helped me to figure out what supplements and vitamins would help me with my needs.  With her assistance I was able to stay on track and meet all of my goals to start out my marriage (and honeymoon) as fit and healthy as possible.  I can not thank her enough for all of her help during this exciting time in my life!”
-Chelsea D

Simple F

Jordan V

“Gabby helped me get stage ready and gave me nutritional guidance throughout my whole prep. She customized my meal plan based on the foods I enjoyed and helped me every step of the way. Her program is not cookie cutter at all and she taught me a lot about carb-cycling and competition prep. I would definitely recommend her for meal plans, whether on or off season!”
-Jordan V


“I did Gabby’s bootcamp for the first time in May 2014 and it was absolutely amazing. Gabby makes you work hard and personalizes her programs to meet your individual needs. Gabby gave me advice on how to eat better and included a lifestyle evaluation as a part of the bootcamp. I felt better and saw amazing improvements in my health and fitness level. Gabby was amazing as pushing me to do my best and did a great job monitoring my improvement throughout. I started bootcamp to tone up for a friends wedding. Halfway through bootcamp, I went for my second bridesmaids fitting and had to have the dress taken in.”
-Kat K


Christine M

“Before training with Gabby I was relatively active, I ran, did yoga and lifted weights occasionally. I joined Gabby’s bootcamp last June, and instantly got hooked! Each week Gabby changed up the routine with a variety of different activities and exercises.
In the fall I began personal training with Gabby, and I have noticed big changes in my level of fitness. I have become stronger in my yoga practice, I have back muscles!!! and this past April I took 9 minutes off of my half marathon time!
Gabby is knowledgeable, flexible, caring and fun to train with!”
-Christine M


Dawn C

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Gabby for about 1 year. She taught me boot camp both indoors and outdoors as well as many personal training sessions. I love her personal training as she gives you undivided attention and even homework for the week at very reasonable rates. she will send random texts or emails to check that your are doing what your were told. When training she always has a friendly face, she is prompt, professional, encouraging. I get a way better work out with Gabby then on my own. She has a quiet yet demanding way about her that helps to push you further than you think you can go. Gabby is very knowledgeable about nutrition and is forever giving tips during her workouts about what things would help you develop better eating habits. I don’t have anything negative to say about Gabby. She leads by example as she sets her own goal and then smashes them. That alone is encouraging as her client as you know she is always improving and learning herself. Gabby may appear young but she is understanding about my lifestyle with my work, my young children, and recognizes that I have many competing priorities in my life. I find her respectful and like an old soul. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Gabby for any fitness or nutrition related.”
-Dawn C

“Gabby and I have been working together for a few months now and not only have I seen amazing results, I have never felt better or stronger. Each workout is a challenge but the variety she incorporates into every session and her continual motivation and encouragement makes you want to keep pushing yourself. Gabby is passionate about fitness and health and she is a wealth of knowledge and has great advice you can incorporate into your everyday life. Her open, easy going, and friendly personality creates a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere, all the while also placing a high value on correct form with each exercise.
I have so much more energy, my balance and flexibility have improved immensely and I love working out (which is crazy for a girl who would only commit to one day a week when I started to now working out five to six days a week!). I am already so proud of how far I have come, but I have a goal that requires a lot of time and dedication and Gabby has reassured me that she’s with me for the long haul – and I know I wouldn’t want to do it without her. If you are serious about changing your life for the better, Gabby will lead you every step of the way.”
-Kelly G

“I want to say a big THANK YOU to Gabby for all the help she gave me to kick start my year. She was able to give me a nutrition plan and daily workouts that were challenging but achievable and her recipes were easy and delicious.  She was always available for questions and ideas. Her support allowed me to kick my bad food habits and change the way I think about food. I didn’t even realize to the extent the unhealthy foods I was eating were affecting me until I began working with Gabby. I feel like a groggy cloud has lifted and I am a happier and healthier version of myself. I feel more awake and energetic and it has had positive influenced on my life. Gabby has steered my health in a new direction and I look forward to continuing the work.”
-Anne R

Mary E

“Gabby is super attentive and really looks out for her challengers, she posts regularly in the group and makes really meaningful suggestions. She is never righteous or snappy, and I appreciate that. Gabby inspired me to make some healthy changes and get moving, her spirit is contagious!”
-Carly C



Rachel and Lexi

Rachel and Lexi

Youth Bootcamp

Youth Bootcamp

“Boot Camp has taught me determination, persistence and how to challenge myself. I am definitely a stronger person both physically and mentally because of Boot Camp. Mind over matter! I am eating healthier and trying some of the workouts we do at Boot Camp at home, too. I am very happy with the results and positive changes I am seeing in my lifestyle as a result of Boot Camp! Thanks!”
-Priscilla D

Youth Bootcamp

“Our bodies are more complex than we can even imagine . Working closely with Gabby during bootcamp has enriched my knowledge in both aspects of nutrition and exercise.It has taught me that the first step to being healthy starts with being proactive and self determined. Bootcamp made working out enjoyable with the encouraging atmosphere Gabby provided and by being surrounded by friends to motivate and push you to reach your fullest potential!!!”
-Sarah D